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December 7, 2015

Vinson Team on the summit

Vinson Team on the summit

Unbelievable trip!  Can you believe this summit shot?!  After their 100% successful summit, the crew descended on Sunday from high camp to Vinson base camp.  Almost immediately, they flew back to camp at the Union Glacier where the big plane was waiting to get them back to Punta Arenas.  Vinson IceIt does not get any better than that.  They took off for Punta Arenas late Sunday evening and were back in Punta about 3 am Monday morning, their time.  Amazing.

Agenda today is to get some sleep, get cleaned up and packed up and gets flights arranged to get home.  Masha and Neil are staying on the Ice to ski the last degree to the South Pole.  Everyone else is heading straight home.  What an amazing Christmas present for all our climbers and their families.

Greg Vernovage, Austin Shannon and their team are next.  Their scheduled flight to the Ice is 29 December.  Mike gets home from this trip and heads right back to Argentina to lead our first Aconcagua expedition of the season.  And, Josh will be making a quick turnaround, too, heading to Argentina at Christmas to lead the second Aconcagua program of the 2015/16 season.

A huge congratulations to all!!!

Phil Ershler

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