Up Down And All Around

January 8, 2013

Up Down And All Around

Union Glacier Weatherport Tent in Antarctica. (Pat McCrann)

Up on Aconcagua – Ty, Martin, Peter and team are at C1 and will be making their carry today to C2.

Down on Aconcagua – Peter, Leandro, Josh and team will be heading to Penitentes, finishing up packing and getting ready to begin their approach tomorrow.

And, way down on Vinson Massif – Greg reports that they’re all back at the Union Glacier, waiting for flights north.  They’re living large.  ALE, our flight service, has a great base camp facility at the Union Glacier.  Big, comfortable tents, tables and chairs, 3 meals a day, toilets – pretty much everything could want.  And, it’s darn near impossible to beat the surroundings!

Phil Ershler

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