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February 10, 2019

Rikki Dunn and team gave it the old college try today on Aconcagua but wind was not their friend. Not unusual on Aconcagua but always disappointing. Lots of work to get that close and not be able to stand on top. BUT bottom line is that everyone comes home, and everyone comes home with ten fingers and toes, and that we do it with a reasonable margin of safety. BUT… it still sucks when mother nature says no.

Too Windy on Aconcagua IMG blog

Until next time. (Peter Adams)

Team retreated to high camp from the beginning of the Traverse and made the decision to continue down to base camp at Plaza Mulas. I have no doubt that a rematch next season is already being planned. Dinner and drinks tomorrow evening in Mendoza. Great effort, team, and more importantly, good decision making.

Phil Ershler

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