Time For A Little R & R

January 17, 2016

Austin’s update from Antarctica first – as you all know, Austin and team summited Vinson yesterday (the 16th) and returned safely to high camp where they spent the night. They are descending now to Vinson base camp. A Twin Otter will be waiting and they are expecting to fly immediately back to the main camp at the Union Glacier. If all goes according to plan and the weather continues to hold, the IL 76 (big plane) is expected to fly to the Ice this evening (the 17th) and our team will be able to get on that flight back to Punta Arenas. We’ll keep fingers crossed that it all works. They could be having a hot shower and sleeping in a hotel bed by late tonight.

For Luke and team, it’s a day off for a little R and R. Romulo’s wife, Patricia, will be hosting the team to a meal with the main course being cuy. Rather than describe that here, I’ll let you all Google this Ecuadorian delicacy. They’ll also spend some time with our friend, author, pilot, adventurer, photographer – Jorge Anhalzer. It will be a very nice day. Then, some team members head home and some remain for an attempt on Chimborazo.

Luke forwarded several interesting photos from their ascent of Antisana. Persistence, determination and great route finding allowed the team to summit yesterday, the 16th. No small accomplishment given the difficulties up high on Antisana, as many guides know.

Phil Ershler

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