The challenge of Carstensz Pyramid

May 28, 2020

There are a lot of unknowns around the world during the present time but there is something we know very well and that is the Carstensz Pyramid Climb is a true adventure!  We have been in constant communication with our local agents in Indonesia and although the country is locked down now, we are optimistic for a future trip or two later this year and early in 2021.

The challenge of Carstensz Pyramid

Rest break at the top of fixed lines on Carstensz Pyramid (Jonathan Schrock)

In the mountains we must be patient and flexible, and we have applied that philosophy to our Carstensz planning for the immediate future. With the uncertainty around the world we will conduct our upcoming Carstensz climbs as Custom programs, rather than locking into specific dates right now.  This will allow us to work better with you and take advantage of the opportunity to go climbing as soon as we are able.

Please let us know if you are interested in heading to Carstensz Pyramid soon.  This is a fun climb, one of the Seven Summits, and a trip that will not keep you away from home for many weeks and weeks!

Greg Vernovage

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