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May 20, 2019

Progress On Denali IMG blog

14,000′ Camp on Denali (Jason Edwards)

Progress is getting made up on Denali. Team 1, with Ed and Kevin, made their carry from 11,000’ to 13,500’ two days ago and then moved into their new 14,000’ camp yesterday Big move day but folks did well.  Today is a ‘back carry’ day.  Team will take their time getting ready this morning as the walk down to their cache is QUICK and the walk back with the load just isn’t that far.  Kind of an ‘active rest’ day.  They’ve earned it. Big thing will be to make sure they clear out the cache completely so they won’t have to worry about it on their way home.

Down in Talkeetna, Andy Polloczek and crew have a meeting scheduled with the NPS and bunches of packing/sorting to wrap up. Busy day but pretty exciting. Game day could easily be tomorrow morning, weather permitting. Need good weather to fly so fingers are crossed.

Phil Ershler

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