Papua Team Summits Carstensz East

February 17, 2013

Papua Team Summits Carstensz East

IMG guide Jason Edwards on the summit of Carstensz Pyramid (from last year’s IMG trip) looking across the valley towards Ngga Pulu in the background (Jason Edwards)

IMG guide Dan Zokaites reports that the team climbed the fourth and final main peak of the Puncak Jaya massif today, with an ascent of rarely climbed Carstensz East.  We know the Dutch climbed it in 1936, but it was mostly covered by glacier ice then.  Since then it has seen a handful of ascents.  Dan said the limestone rock was quite loose in places, exposed by melting ice, and that they had to carefully make their way up and down the ridge.  Unlike the other peaks they climbed, there were no cairns or signs of previous ascents.

Eric Simonson

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