On The Road To Illimani

August 24, 2014

Luke checked in early this morning.  The team had a great day off yesterday.  They are rested and ready to hit the road to Illimani Base Camp.

From the minute the team leaves the hotel, they are heading in a different direction. Lake Titicaca, Pequeno Alpamayo and Huayna Potosi are all uphill from La Paz. Illimani heads down valley. The road weaves up and down and through many small villages.  The team will take the road to its end and meet the donkeys and porters. Once they organize gear, what better than to have a little picnic before heading up to Base Camp!  Illimani Base Camp is set next to a great stream of water directly off the glacier of Illimani. I believe the ground is like a mattress, soft and comfortable for a night or two of sleep.

Tonight, they will see the sun set over the Altiplano the lights glow in La Paz and El Alto. To the North will be Huayna Potosi.

Luke said the team is ready to go!  What does that mean to Luke? He said that he brought all three of his puffy coats and plenty of hand warmers.  It can be a little cool on their summit push, they climb in the shade until the sun hits them on the summit ridge!

Greg Vernovage

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