New Guides Learning The Ropes On Mt. Rainier

May 2, 2018


The first IMG climb of the Mt. Rainier season is just a few days away and we’re not letting those days go to waste. This morning our newly hired guides gathered at IMG for our annual new guide training.  The goal for these three days is to get them up to speed and comfortable with how we run our programs on Mt. Rainier, and also for them to get to know Mt. Rainier a little (lot) better. The morning coffee was spent going over the weather, making a route plan and discussing the goals of the next three days.

Route plans in hand they loaded up the van and went up to Paradise. The afternoon will be spent going over some of the guide specific geography between Paradise and Camp Muir. They’ll also go over when and where we take breaks and teach specific techniques (i.e. the rest step and pressure breathing).  Once at Camp Muir they’ll get the lay of the land and learn our protocols, along with some additional technical training over the next couple days.

They’re in good hands with IMG Senior Guides Luke Reilly, Mike Haft leading the way, along with Jay Lyons assisting.

Tye Chapman

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