Mt. Khuiten Team At High Camp

July 23, 2017

Mt Khuiten Team At High Camp

High Camp on Mt. Khuiten (Jethro Robinson)

Greg called in from High Camp this morning (his evening). He reports that all is well on Mt. Khuiten. He and his team enjoyed an active rest day yesterday exploring the area around Base Camp, spending a good bit of time out on the Potaniin Glacier exploring and training. Today was time to get a little more serious and rope-up for the ascent up to High Camp, which is at about 11,000ft. The climb up to High Camp was primarily on dry glacier and some rock and went without issue. The team is now tucked in for the evening, eyeing a 3am wake-up call to check the weather, and hopefully give the summit a shot! The weather today was cloudy with some wind, as is forecasted tonight, but the extended forecast is in their favor. Time will tell. Greg and Charlotte and our Mongolian team have things well under control.

Tye Chapman

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