Master Of The Mountain – George Dunn

July 26, 2010

Craig Hill of the Tacoma News Tribune captured George’s upcoming 500th summit of Mt. Rainier pretty darn well…


Published: July 26, 2010

One morning this week George Dunn, his crampons crunching through the snow atop Mount Rainier, likely will make history and it won’t even be the highlight of his day.

The 56-year-old guide plans to climb Rainier on Friday with friends and family and become the first person to summit the 14,411-foot peak 500 times.  (READ MORE…) affiliate.5

George Dunn climbs Mount Rainier for the 498th time last month. The group is on a switchback climbing atop Panorama Point, on the way to Camp Muir. He has been a mountain guide since the 1970s. Here he leads a climb of scouts and dads. (Photo by Peter Haley TNT Staff Photographer)

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