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February 11, 2015

Giant senecio.

Giant senecio.

Remember, it’s 11 hours later on Kilimanjaro than it is here in Seattle, so we already know how their day’s gone when we post something on the blog.  They had another great day today.  Really great, actually.  Everyone handled the new altitudes well.  Their high point is a spot at the Lava Tower, right around 15,000’.  The Chagga staff treated the team to a hot lunch there.  With all the ‘up’ behind them, this was a pretty nice surprise.

Afterwards, the rest of their day was down – down to Barranco Camp at approx. 13,000’.  Barranco is probably the most scenic of the camps.  Lots of giant senecio and full-on views of the Breach Wall and the Barranco Wall.  Tomorrow’s objective is to climb the Baranco Wall.  Not nearly as bad as it looks from camp.  The team’s in for a couple of hours of fun scrambling.  Tomorrow, all in all, is just a fun day.

Phil Ershler

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