Kilimanjaro Team Ready For Safari

October 2, 2018


IMG Senior Guide Andy Polloczek checked in today from the hotel in Moshi. He and the team had already showered up and were toasting to a great climb of Kilimanjaro. The festivities continued into the night with their celebration dinner…The 3+ days of rain are now a distant, though vivid, memory. The feeling of standing on top of Kilimanjaro in near perfect conditions will surly prevail as the memory of choice for this team.

Up next is the well-earned safari! They’ll be picked up at their hotel at 8am and whisked away to the small domestic airport in Arusha. From there they’ll fly in a small airplane to a dirt runway in the Serengeti. It’s a surreal feeling to get in a plane and an hour later you’re surrounded by zebras, elephants, giraffes and of course the big cats!

Needless to say this team will continue celebrating for a few more days. They’ve earned it.

Tye Chapman

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