IMG Aconcagua Teams Making Progress

January 2, 2017

IMG Aconcagua Teams Making Progress

Mountain Shadows

And down on Aconcagua… Jonathan Schrock and team are hiking out.  Long day but packs are super light and terrain is very straightforward.  Cold drinks and the old ‘duffel shuffle’ in Penitentes and then a couple of hours on the road to get back to Mendoza.  Quick shower, clean clothes and a late evening dinner at a sidewalk café.  Just a guess but steak, red wine and cerveza will be likely be on the menu.

Back on the mountain, Josh called in from C1, about 16,000’.  They moved up today to this new camp and altitude.  All went well.  They’ll keep plugging away now, as the winds permit.  No precip shows up in the forecast for the next week.  They still have two more camps prior to taking their summit shot.  A bit too early to start making predictions.  It’s simply one day at a time for now.

Phil Ershler

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