Hot Springs Before The Climb…Why Not?

August 10, 2016


Great days for the team in Bolivia.  After a drive to Sajama Village yesterday where the team has to jump to 14,000 feet, they took today to stretch their legs and acclimatize.  The weather is perfect so the team went out to check out the Geysers small hot springs.  These things are everywhere in this area of the Altiplano.  Not a surprise as you look around and see the volcanoes of the Cordillera Occidental range.  While visiting the Geysers, our long time head Bolivian Guide, Roberto pulled out a few eggs and placed them in the Hot Springs.  It worked, hardboiled eggs for lunch.

After a stressful morning of hiking and taking in the mountain views, Andy said it was time to unwind.  The Natural Hot Springs will be perfect for that.  I promise, there will be a few tough climbing days in front of this team, but for now, some acclimatizing in the warm water of the Altiplano.

Greg Vernovage

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