Hard Work Pays Off – Aconcagua Team Summits

January 29, 2012

Hard Work Pays Off – Aconcagua Team Summits

The Summit of Aconcagua from the summit ridge.

We knew IMG Senior Guide, Josh Tapp, and Argentine guide, Leandro Villegas, had a super strong team this trip.  The high winds began yesterday and are forecasted to continue into the middle of this coming week.  We also knew that a well-prepared, strong team might be able to find a little seam and push through some wind if they were careful.  It took the guys 7.5 hours to do exactly that this morning.  Up and down with everyone on top.  And, all fingers, toes and noses intact.  Shredded one tent at high camp but they can deal with that.

Congratulations, team.  This was a pretty impressive effort.  Jo – anniversary greeting from Doug.  He summited today for you.

Phil Ershler

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