Denali Team At Genet Basin

June 29, 2011

Denali Team At Genet Basin

Camp at 14,000 ft. with Mt. Hunter in the background. (Photo by Peter Spagnoli)

Spoke with Greg Vernovage this evening.  The team moved into camp today at 14,000 ft.  It’s often called Genet Basin.  Nice part was that there were minimal winds around Windy Corner the day they carried and also today during the move.  Tomorrow’s an easy day.  The crew walks down for less than an hour to their 13,500 ft. cache.  That gets dug up and carried back to the 14K camp.  Sort of an ‘active rest’ day.  Bottom line is that all is good.

We’ll likely hear from Greg again tomorrow and will keep everyone up to date with the news.

Phil Ershler

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