Catching Up South Of The Border

February 4, 2016


Let’s catch up on IMG teams south of the border.

It’s always good news when a team is finishing a successful expedition with everyone having reached the summit, nary a scratch and everyone having become new friends.  Success by anyone’s definition.  Jonathan and team returned to Mendoza late last evening, grabbed bags of ‘McDonald’s’ and went to bed.  Physically, mentally and emotionally relieved.  Sleep must have come very easily last night.  Congratulations to them all and safe travels home.

Luke and team were able to spend about 20 minutes talking with Jonathan and crew in Penitentes.  They finished preparing their gear into mule loads for the trip in.  60 kg is enough for one of those big guys.  They should arriving at Pampa de Lenas about now, their first camp on the 3 day approach.

I also spoke with Tye after his first day on the trail in Patagonia.  I did this trip personally a couple of years ago with a custom group of old customers/friends and enjoyed every minute of it.  They spent last evening at the Refugio Chileno but went up further yesterday to get their first view of “The Towers”  A little drizzle earlier in the day but Tye parted the skies for the “Towers” view.  Totally spectacular.  Even further up tomorrow, to the Silence Valley.  A bit more work but that’s one of the reasons they’ll have the area pretty much to themselves.

Phil Ershler

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