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January 21, 2018

Just what we wanted (and expected) to hear: the team had a safe and successful climb today. They are all back at high camp. Weather held, and they put one foot in front of the other and got the job done. What can you say except, Congratulations.

Aconcagua Team Summits IMG blog

View from the top (Peter Bilodeau)


As you’ve often read in the IMG posts, Aconcagua is a very physical climb. One of the more demanding. Deceptive because there really are no technical difficulties, but make no mistake, 23,000’ is high. Couple that with two weeks on the mountain, and the cold, windy weather for which Aconcagua is famous, and it all adds up to a real test of a climber’s strength, endurance and just plain old willingness to hurt.

Everyone made good decisions and kept in mind our three priorities: safety, success and enjoyment. This team did well.

Phil Ershler

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