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January 13, 2022

Aconcagua Team at Horcones Valley Park Entrance (Nickel Wood)

Aconcagua Team at Horcones Valley Park Entrance (Nickel Wood)

The Aconcagua Team spent the day trekking towards Plaza Francia today.  This hike is great for acclimatization getting the team close to 13,200 feet.  Nickel checked in to let us know the team did very well today and were escorted back to camp with a little precipitation, not a bad thing down low on the mountain to keep things cool and also to knock the dust down on the trail!

The team is now back at Confluencia Camp, resting before dinner and preparing for a longer day on the trail tomorrow.  The team will get an earlier start and head to Plaza De Mulas (13,976′).  This will be a nice trek that should take between 6-8 hours.  There is no rush and as we say, the beginning of the climb is very important to maintain strength and prepare for higher elevations.

All is well on Aconcagua!

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