Acclimatized And Ready For Cotopaxi

November 21, 2011

Acclimatized And Ready For

Project at hand (Photo: Phil Ershler)

Greg Vernovage called in at about 2 pm on the 21st.  He reported a good day of training and acclimatization in the area above the hut on Cotopaxi.  The crew dropped off some gear for the summit climb at the hut before heading down to the hacienda at Tierra del Volcan for the night.  Tomorrow morning, they’ll re-ascend on the 22nd, spend the night at the hut and be ready for a very early start for the summit of Cotopaxi on the morning of the 23rd.

Best news from Greg was that everyone continues to feel good and that the weather is holding.  Clear morning, afternoon clouds and then clear again in the evening.  That’s about as good as they could hope for.

Phil Ershler

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