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October 1, 2018

100 Summit On Kilimanjaro IMG blog

A team effort! (Thomas Joseph)

We’ve never missed on Kilimanjaro, but that doesn’t mean take summit day for granted! Just the opposite in fact, a big part of our our success is due to the respect we give the mountain. Our current climb is a great example, they toughed out 3 days of rain, stayed healthy and focused. Their reward was a perfect summit day. Crystal clear, relatively warm and almost no wind.

They’re all safely back in camp with full bellies, tucked in and dreaming of their upcoming Safari!

Tomorrow they’ll make their way down to the Mweka Gate where they’ll sign-out of the national park then head to Moshi for lunch, a cold beer or two, and a hot shower. They’ll cap off the day with a celebration dinner!

Tye Chapman

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